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Yinhai is located in the Liuzhou Yanghe New Industrial Zone, an area known for its advanced production facilities encompassing a wide array of industries. Our factory, at 340 thousand square meters features an annual output value of 10 billion yuan, and a total production capacity of 350 thousand tons of aluminum alloy products.

Casting Line

We own and operate a fully equipped advanced hot rolling production line. To ensure the uniform composition of the aluminum alloy product, as well as the removal effect for gas, dust and alkali metal, we have introduced 4 75ton/50ton alloy casting lines, which are fully equipped with top of the line electromagnetic mixing equipment, chlorine refining systems, a gas removal chamber from Novelis, and a deep bed filter.

Aluminum Slab Milling Machine
The cast aluminum alloy slabs will be processed using the XKL2424/L750 milling equipment, with a milling capacity of 4 to 8 slabs an hour. After the milling treatment, the slabs will be lifted to the stacking area, where they await further treatment.

3300+4x2850mm Hot Rolling Line
In the hot rolling workshop, we have an advanced 3300 + 2850mm 1 + 4 hot rolling line, which is capable of producing a large wide aluminum alloy sheet products (up to 2600mm) in China. It is equipped with an automatic control system for thickness, degree of convexity, and temperature. The transmission system is powered by ABB to ensure the aluminum alloy plate's precision, quality and performance. For rough rolls, the roll length is 3300mm, and the maximum rolling capacity is 4500 tons. The 4 continuous rolling roller is 2950 mm long, and allows for a maximum rolling volume of 4,000 tons.

The aluminum alloy sheets are sent to the 2850 x 4 hot rolling line after being treated by the 3300mm rough rolling line.

Aluminum Alloy Sheet Annealing Furnace

The 60/45 ton annealing furnace is used for heat treating the aluminum alloy sheet. The maximum temperature reaches up to 600°C.

2450mm Straightening Line
We use a 2450mm straightening unit to straighten aluminum alloy sheets. This line has a maximum rolling speed of 300m/minute, and an accuracy up to ±0.1% for speed and ±1% for tension. The finished aluminum alloy coil is available in widths from 950-2260mm and thicknesses from 0.2-1.5mm.

2800mm Cross Cutting Line
The 2800 cross cutting line utilizes advanced techniques from Japan, and is designed to carry out trimming, straightening, cutting and automatic stacking. It is capable of producing large sheets whose thicknesses range from 0.8 to 10mm (8mm for carbide alloys), and a width and length that are (respectively) no more than 2650mm and 16500mm. Aluminum alloy sheets processed by this line are given a high dimensional accuracy. The finished aluminum alloy products are then stacked in the packaging area in an orderly manner.

Aluminum Alloy Coil Production Line

2800mm Cold Rolling Line
The aluminum alloy coil production line is equipped with a 2800mm 4 roll cold rolling machine and a 23000mm 6-roll CNC cold rolling machine, both of which are managed by an AGC and AFC control system. To ensure the coil quality, vital components such as the cleaning rollers and roller bearings are imported from trusted manufacturers. For the 2800mm 4 roll irreversible cold rolling mill, the maximum inlet thickness is 10mm and the maximum rolling width is 2680mm. This cold rolling unit shows a maximum rolling speed of 800m/minute, and a maximum production capacity of 26.5 tons.

2450mm Cleaning Unit
The cleaning unit features a maximum inlet thickness of 1.5mm and a high speed of 150m/minute. It works with an accuracy of ±0.1% for speed and for tension. The width of the aluminum alloy foil falls between 950-2260mm and a maximum cleaning effect of 50-30mg/m2.

2800mm Trimming Machine
The 2800mm rewinding line allows for a maximum width of 2680mm, and is equipped with a 2800mm trimming unit, which is able to process aluminum alloy coils width a thickness of 0.5-3.5mm.


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