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Aluminum Alloy Casting Ingot

    1. 1000 Series Aluminum Alloy Casting IngotWe offer the 1000 series aluminum alloy casting ingots. Our 1000 series aluminum alloys are nearly pure aluminum, composed of 99.0% percent aluminum. They possess the charateristics of lightweight and outstanding strength and are strengthened by cold processing.
    1. 3000 Series Aluminum Alloy Casting IngotWe offer the 3000 series aluminum alloy casting ingots and slabs for manufacturers of rolling and extruding products like sheet metal and by using the 3000 series aluminum alloys, our clients get the benefits of strong anti-corrosion resistance for use in roofing, outside panels, siding.
    1. 5000 Series Aluminum Alloy Casting IngotYinhai Aluminum's 5000 series aluminum alloy, also called Magnesium Aluminum alloy, possesses the characteristics of precise welding, strong anti-corrosion and great strength. The 5000 series aluminum alloys are widely applied in marine products and welding operations such as roofing and tiles.
    1. 6000 Series Aluminum Alloy Casting IngotThis 6000 series aluminum alloys are commonly utilized for extrusion aluminum and aluminum sheets. Its strong anti-corrosive properties are great for high-speed trains, outdoor aluminum pipeline, marine ship, aluminum window, aluminum door, machine cover and panel.
    1. 8000 Series Aluminum Alloy Casting IngotBy combining these elements with the aluminium, we synthesize the 8000 series aluminum alloys. The pure aluminum is soft, but aluminium alloys feature a wide range of hardnesses depending on how many and what elements are combined with the aluminum.

The aluminum ingot is an aluminum alloy casting slab. We offer aluminum alloy casting products ranging from the 1000 series to 8000 series. Our aluminum alloy casting slab possesses uniform chemical elements and high dimensional accuracy. Our Aluminum alloy casting ingot's grain size is within grade 2 of our aluminum alloy casting, Temper as O ,H111, H112, H116, H22,H24, H26, H32, H34, H321.

With tamper F, We have five types of aluminium alloy casting slab which are offered in thickness ranges from 520mm to 650mm, and length ranges between 3000 to 7700mm. We can manufacture the aluminum alloy casting ingots to a maximum width of 2520mm.

Aluminum grade Tempe Dimension
thickness width length
1000 Series Aluminum Alloy Casting Ingot
3000 Series Aluminum Alloy Casting Ingot
5000 Series Aluminum Alloy Casting Ingot
6000 Series Aluminum Alloy Casting Ingot
8000 Series Aluminum Alloy Casting Ingot
F 520~ 650 1150~2520 3000~7700

We possess a full range of aluminum alloy processing equipment and machinery in our aluminum casting plant.

Our comprehensive array of advanced aluminum alloy casting equipment means we are a leading Chinese aluminum alloy manufacturer, offering aluminum alloy casting ingots, aluminum alloy hot rolled coils and aluminum alloy cold rolled plate. Our products are high quality with a reasonable price. Yinhai Aluminum strives to be your first choice for your aluminum alloy product needs.