3000 Series Aluminum Alloy Sheet Coil, 3000 series alloys

 3000 Series Aluminum Alloy Sheet Coil

The 3000 series alloy sheets we offer is from our 3000 series aluminum alloy slabs, we have uniformed chemical element 3000 series alloys,in order to efficiently produce high quality aluminum products, we have introduced an advanced 3300 + 2850mm '1+4' hot rolling line, which is used to produce the widest aluminum sheets in China. The 3300mm long rough roll allows for a maximum rolling capacity of 4500t, and the 4 continuous rolling roller machine with a length of 2950mm is able to work with aluminum sheets weighing up to 4000t.

Aluminum grade Temper Dimension
thickness width diameter
3000 Series Aluminum Alloy Sheet Coil F/O/H111/H112/H116/H22/H24
2.0~10.0 1000~2700 ≤2500

We provide hot rolled aluminum coils in a thickness range of 2 to 10mm, and a width of 1000 to 2700mm. The maximum coil diameter reaches up to 2500mm. With stable mechanical properties, and an excellent corrosion resistance, our aluminum coils are widely used in gondola cars, aluminum tanker trucks, and ship construction. Our advanced manufacturing experience, combined with our extensive knowledge, allows us to produce aluminum products that meet diverse heat treatment requirements in a wide range of applications.

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