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8000 Series Aluminum Alloy Casting Ingot, 8000 series alloys

 8000 Series Aluminum Alloy Casting Ingot

Our 8000 series aluminum alloy is combined with various proprietary elements like Si, Fe,Li, Cu, Mg and others. By combining these elements with the aluminium, we synthesize the 8000 series aluminum alloys. The pure aluminum is soft, but aluminium alloys feature a wide range of hardnesses depending on how many and what elements are combined with the aluminum. In order ro create a strong alloy, the metal is periodically alloyed or cold processed. It is reported that most of the aluminium / aluminum that enters the global market has been alloyed with at least one other element. Most aluminum alloys feature corrosion resistance and high strength.

Aluminum grade Temper Dimension
thickness width length
8000 Series Aluminum Alloy Casting Ingot F 520~650 1150~2520 3000~7700

Yinhai's product offering includes: rolled aluminum alloy coil, cold rolled aluminum plate and casting aluminum alloy ingots.We produce our fine quality products with the most advanced aluminum alloy and metal processing equipment and machinery, multi-skilled staff, experienced engineers and a logical management team. Yinhai is very confident in offering customers high quality aluminum alloys from 1000 series to 8000series.

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